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Color Me Coral

13 Aug

In the effort to spice up my manicure, I did a nail ombre with five shades of coral.

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Press On and Press Forward

24 Oct

I was in such a rush to get out of the house and realized that the chips in my nail polish were completely unacceptable.  I had a lunch date and this manicure was not working for me in the least.  Luckily, I had just purchased press on nails from my local Ulta to keep on hand just in case.  Turns out…they are total life savers!  If you prep these bad boys in advance, all you have to do is peel pack the film on the adhesive and pop them on.  Boom. Instant mani!

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Fix Your Mitts

21 Jun


As women,  it is understood that as part of our beauty routines, we must always make sure that our nails are well manicured and polished.  If they aren’t…we jump in the car and make an emergency trip to the nail salon!  If you do not live your life by this policy, change your ways.  It is unacceptable. Just sayin.



Nails have really been making a big splash in magazines and on the runway.  We aren’t just talking about simple one color mani’s.  You can either be on trend with color blocking or with some serious hardware.  Literally, the way your nails look is just as important as how you look in a great pair of stilettos.

I went back through old pictures from this past year and found some awesome nail looks I have had.  Hopefully it will inspire you to go out and be a nail fashionista as well 🙂

Before we part, I will leave you with a quick “how to” photo tutorial for making a nail design with straws!!



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