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PS. I’m A Genius

30 Nov
Hello All! I hope everybody had an awesome and fun filled Thanksgiving.  I got to enjoy some much needed quality time with my family for this hearty holiday and feel so rejuvenated! 

I have been rocking the red nails for the last week in honor of the holiday season but now it is time to do a look that is a little more toned down and reserved. I decided to go with the purple tones.  They are perfect for this cold and dreary weather we are having on the East Coast.  It goes well with my winter clothes and matches with almost everything!  Here is how my nails turned out.   

(Left) OPI: Parlez-vous OPI?
(Right) OPI: OPI Ink

While working on the pedicure portion of my artistic polishing, I made a genius move.  My feet were freezing while I was painting my toes and it was driving me crazy.  I went into my drawer and pulled out a pair of toe socks.  I took my scissors, snipped off the tips of the toes (while i was NOT wearing them)and voila! Pedicure socks!!

You’re welcome.


History Repeats Itself…But It’s Never The Same.

15 Nov

I was cruisin through some web sites today and came across these fab fab pictures of Brigitte Bardot who was a sexy French model from the late 50’s through the early 70’s.  I loved looking at her photographs because the definition of “sexy” was so much more tasteful and glamorous then than it is now.  Models from her era were “real” women and I wish that things could again be what they once were.  If you take a look below, the fashion and makeup styles have made a comeback but has the tastefulness? 

Fall Inspiration

15 Nov

Fall is here and with all of nature’s colors changing, I have been so inspired with my makeup.  Green, terracotta, brown, yellow, red, plum…the color combos are never ending.  It is so fun to play with eyes, lips and cheeks and try to create a warm holiday inspired look.  Check out some of the colors I chose to wear together for the fall season.

Five Friday Faves

11 Nov

Hello All! TGIF!!!!

Once again, here are my top five faves this week 🙂

favorite nails

favorite eyes

favorite hair style

favorite outfit

favorite D.I.Y.

happy 11/11/11
have a great weekend!


Get In The Mix

10 Nov

There are certain beauty products that I think every girl should always have and always update.  Think about it.  Fashion always changes and so should your beauty products.  Here are a few products who’s colors, styles and techniques I like to change up monthly, weekly or even daily.

Lace Cosmetics Eye Liner

Lace Cosmetics Eye Shadow

Butter Nail Polish
Lace Cosmetics Lipstick
Mandarin Red

Lace Cosmetics Lip Gloss
Buttered Rum


Everyone Needs A Little Structure

9 Nov

Well…you might have to suck it up admit that your parents and teachers were right.  You need a little structure in your life.  Fortunately, I’m talking about structure you can buy!  Though flowing dresses and blousing shirts are still an easy “go to”, in the coming seasons everybody will start to see very structured outfits hitting the streets.  I have put together a couple of examples from the worlds most renowned designers.

Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2012 Collection

Balenciaga Spring 2012

Givenchy Spring 2012


Bottega Veneta Spring/Summer 2012


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