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Senior Pictures – Hire the Dream Team

25 Jul

amanda and sydney makeup app.

Lace On Location has teamed up with Micah Williams Photography to help high school seniors capture memories in the most fabulous way possible. Continue reading

RAW Artists Atlanta

15 Jan

RAW artists logo
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Three Step Power Play

10 Oct

Everyone that knows me knows that I always have business on the brain.  I love it, I live it, I own it.  Networking is something that I love to do and something that can be done anywhere you are.  I am constantly attending events and mixers but also making sure I talk to people everywhere I go.  I cannot tell you how many amazing people I have met by doing this and how many fantastic business connections I have created. Continue reading

The Top Chef Challenge

21 Aug

Last weekend I was invited to a “Top Chef” dinner party and after experiencing it, I HAD to share it with all of you!

Three of my closest friends are absolutely amazing chefs.  Chef Ashley Mitchell, Chef Ahmad Nourzad and Chef Carlo Oster.   Chef Ahmad will soon be applying for one of the upcoming cycles of the hit show Top Chef.  Ahmad attended CIA (one of the BEST culinary schools in the country) in Hyde Park, New York, and his fun, loving, creative and energetic personality is always represented in the kitchen and in the dishes he creates.

From left to right:
Chef Ashley Mitchell, Chef Ahmad Nourzad and Chef Carlo Oster (looking FIERCE).

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Spotlight on Sex Trafficking by Whitney Bexley

9 Jul

I am so excited and grateful that Lace Cosmetics has asked me to do a guest blog today! I must say, though, that there are few things that go together less than fashion and sex trafficking, but as a compassionate and socially conscious corporation, Lace Cosmetics understands the importance of education and awareness. So they’ve handed me the mic for a few minutes today to share my work with all of you! So, hello, blogosphere, my name is Whitney. I’m a liaison between a church and an anti-sex trafficking non-profit, and I have news. Continue reading

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