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Kiss Goodbye Sale

31 May

kiss goodbye

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NEW Shades For Spring

9 Apr

Spring is here and we are introducing three new products!  This seasons trend is a bold lip so what better way to give your makeup a punch of color than with our ultra luxe lipsticks.  The glide on easily and will even stay bold and fresh through drinks and kisses.  Pucker up because every woman looks good in Lace!  Right now these products are sold exclusively at Demure Boutique in Atlanta but keep an eye out!  They will soon be at!

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7 Jan

behind the scenes banner

Introducing, the Fierce Campaign. Continue reading

The Difference

4 Jan

One struggle I always have when I work in stores is speaking to clients about the huge difference Lace Cosmetics makes when you wear our products. When I tell clients that I have discoloration and dark circles, I always get the response “No way, Your skin looks fresh” or “I’m sure it’s not that bad.” Just like every other girl, I am very insecure when it comes to people seeing me without any makeup on. I don’t like it. I never go out with a bare face. After going back and forth with the idea, I finally decided to post a before and after picture of my face. I used only Lace Cosmetics products; and after a quick application, I’m ready for the day!

before and after lace cosmetics

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Five Friday Faves – Makeup Edition

7 Dec

Happy Friday!  The holidays are in full swing and Lace Cosmetics makeup is the perfect gift for you to give.   This week for my “five friday faves” I am going to share our top 5 best sellers.  They have been flying off the shelves and my clients are now changing all of their makeup to Lace!  Check us out at LaceCosmetics.Com where we have free shipping through the holiday season!

Jojoba Foundation- Water-based liquid foundation.  With jojoba root extract, this makeup adds and locks in moisture to skin but will not leave you looking oily.  Works great for every skin type.

Jojoba Foundation - Lace Cosmetics
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Cyber Monday – Free Shipping!

26 Nov

Happy Cyber Monday!!  While you are online shopping today, make sure you check out LaceCosmetics.Com!!  We have free shipping on all products so this is the perfect time for you to stock up on all of your makeup.  If you have not used Lace Cosmetics before, you can e-mail me at and I can assist you in finding the perfect products and colors for you. Continue reading

People’s Choice

2 Oct

Okay, people.  We want to hear from you!  Lace Cosmetics is getting ready for the holidays and we want to ask you a question.

If you could pick 5 Lace Cosmetics eye shadow colors to put into one pallet, what colors would you choose?

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I Just Fixed All Of Your Problems

8 Aug

As a Make-up Artist, about 90% of my clients say that they do not know what colors they should be wearing on their eyes.  I wanted to make it simple for everyone so I decided to do a blog that will tell you not just what colors you should be wearing, but the exact product you can look for as well.  Here we go!

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New Product!!

19 Apr


Hey Everyone!

Wow this week has FLOWN by!  I’m sure all you ladies cannot WAIT to get all dolled up and go out this weekend.  Well, before you go, throw on our new EYELINERS!!!  Lace’s new Onyx and Brown wooden pencils just hit stores and the website!  They are absolutely perfect to smudge out a smokey eye, line your inner rim or just wear skinny.  Will they move? NOPE!  Do they glide on super smooth? YEP!  They stay all day and look

Check them out at LaceCosmetics.Com or click here!


The Unveiling!

9 Mar

Happy Friday!!!!  

It has been a great week but I know that all of us are ready to let our hair down this weekend.  As a great end to a wonderful week, we have unveiled our new model on!!! 

Check out Danielle and the fab look we did on her!

For her eyes we used:

Teal eye liner (smudged up from the lash line)
Caribbean Sea Eye Shadow on the lid
Terracotta Matte Eye Shadow in the crease
Truffle on the outer corner of the eye
Warm Sand Eye Shadow by the brow
Black Magic Eye Liner
Black Mascara 

Cheeks: Sunkissed Blush

Lips: Fierce Gloss

Want to get the same look? Click here and pick up all the colors you need!

I hope you love it and have an AMAZING weekend!!!!


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