Senior Pictures – Hire the Dream Team

25 Jul

amanda and sydney makeup app.

Lace On Location has teamed up with Micah Williams Photography to help high school seniors capture memories in the most fabulous way possible.  The days of the super posed “tilt your head to the left and look off in the distance” photos are a thing of the past.  Micah and I strive to make our senior beauties feel glamorous as we provide on-location makeup services and a photo shoot that is customized to fit each individual personality.

amanda and katie

Because we work on-location, my Scion has turned into a mobile beauty bar.  If I’m not doing makeup out of the trunk of my car, I’m throwing together the folding table that has now become a permanent fixture in my car.  Micah likes to call me “Makeup on Wheels”.  Hmm…that has a ring to it.


Micah (and all her fabulousness) is a blast to work with.  Her clients always look amazing in their pictures because Micah has a way of making them feel relaxed and comfortable in front of the lens.  I always know that I am going to have a happy client when I work with her 🙂  Here are a few of our beauties.





To book your own shoot or for information on homecoming and prom packages, visit  Also, make sure to check out to see what else Mrs. Williams is up to!

Micah Williams logo

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