Wedding Day Glow…Yes or No?

20 May


A common practice for the soon to be Bride (and some grooms) is getting that healthy wedding day glow.  Everyone looks better with a little extra color.  I repeat…a little extra color.  I will give you tips on how to get that beautiful bronze you desire without having the “muddy” or “pumpkin” look.

Do your research before you spray.  The more pale you are, the more likely you are to get that “pumpkin” look.  Not cute.  As I have said before, my favorite system is Versa Spa.  I’m very pale and Versa will always turn me a nice golden color without that pumpkinesque look.  Another great option is to have an actual person spray you.  There are great companies you can hire that will bring a pop up booth to your house or you can go to tanning salons where this service is offered.

Also, make sure you know how the system works before you get in!  You don’t want a “Ross” situation.

too tan

For step by step instructions on how to spray tan, read our previous post To Spray or Not To Spray…Is It Really A Question?

If you prefer to get your color in a tanning bed, this is an option with little prep time and a good dose of Vitamin D.  Your tan will be more natural and last longer.




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Photos: Professional Airbrush TanGlamour Vanity, M Victors, Cheezburger

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