Three Step Power Play

10 Oct

Everyone that knows me knows that I always have business on the brain.  I love it, I live it, I own it.  Networking is something that I love to do and something that can be done anywhere you are.  I am constantly attending events and mixers but also making sure I talk to people everywhere I go.  I cannot tell you how many amazing people I have met by doing this and how many fantastic business connections I have created.

I am always drawn to people who have a certain look and demeanor.  Right now I’m going to give you three tips that you can use to have the power look that will draw people to you and help you make new connections.

The Outfit – Always wear an outfit that you feel confident in.  If you feel confident in what you are wearing, people around you will take notice.  My staples are heels and a blazer.  When I wear these pieces, I feel like I can do anything.

Minor Details – Maintain the small stuff.  Always have a manicure with no chips in the polished, fresh makeup, styled hair, perfume, fresh breath, etc.  All of these little things add up.  They make you look “put together” and attention to detail is huge.  Trust me when I say, other people will take notice.

Attitude – When I say attitude, I am NOT saying you need to be a diva.  I’m talking about staying positive when you speak with people, always acting confident (key word here) and sounding like you believe in what you are talking about.  Always have good posture, hold your chin up and maintain eye contact.  People will look at you as a power player and know that you mean business.

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