Eye Lash Application Tutorial

30 Aug

Putting on your own false eyelashes can be very tricky.  You have to practice putting them on several times before you will get the hang of it.  I wanted to do an easy lash application tutorial so that you can start applying your own falsies in no time!

Everybody had their preferences but when I apply lashes, I like to do it after I have all of my eye makeup on EXCEPT mascara.

Eylure are some of my favorite falsies.  The lashes are easy to work with and I love the glue that comes with them!  There are many brands of lashes and you may choose a different type than what I am using.  If you purchase lashes that are stiff, wrap the lash strip around your pinky finger and squeeze so that it will become more flexible and curved.

Before you start to apply your lash, hold it up to your eye so that you can measure it.  If the lash is too long, you will want to snip a little off the end.

Apply a strip of glue across the inside of your lash strip.  Make sure you have enough glue on the ends.  If there is not enough, the ends will pop off after applied.  Next, you will want to let the glue sit for a moment or put it in front of a fan.  By doing this you are making the glue a bit more tacky which will make it adhere easily when applied to your lash line.

Personally, I prefer to apply my lashes with my eyes open.  It allows me to match the curve of the lash to the curve of my eye.  You want to place the lash strip into the base of your real lashes.  Once placed, press your lashes and your falsies together so they look as if they are one.

Let dry for a moment and then you are done!

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