The Top Chef Challenge

21 Aug

Last weekend I was invited to a “Top Chef” dinner party and after experiencing it, I HAD to share it with all of you!

Three of my closest friends are absolutely amazing chefs.  Chef Ashley Mitchell, Chef Ahmad Nourzad and Chef Carlo Oster.   Chef Ahmad will soon be applying for one of the upcoming cycles of the hit show Top Chef.  Ahmad attended CIA (one of the BEST culinary schools in the country) in Hyde Park, New York, and his fun, loving, creative and energetic personality is always represented in the kitchen and in the dishes he creates.

From left to right:
Chef Ashley Mitchell, Chef Ahmad Nourzad and Chef Carlo Oster (looking FIERCE).

In preparation for Top Chef, Ashley and Carlo have made an effort to prep Ahmad for challenges he might have to face on the show.  The challenge last weekend was “Relay Cooking”.   Chef Carlo would try to create a meal and cook for 20 minutes with Chefs Ashley and Ahmad out of the room.  When time was up, Ashley would jump in and try to figure out what the meal was and continue it in whatever way she liked.  At the end of her 20 minutes Ahmad would then jump in and have to figure out what was happening and finish the meal.

Chef Ahmad Nourzad killing it in the kitchen!

The finished product:

Turkey and avacado sausage with peanuts served over roasted eggplant with smoked mozzarella.  Citrus roasted salmon + sabzi roasted salmon.  Sauteed spaghetti squash tossed in kale pistou.

It was such an awesome experience to watch so many talented people in one room think so quickly on their feet, work with such focus and to see such a true love for the culinary craft they were blessed with.

I look forward to many more “Top Chef” nights and more importantly, many more laughs and quality time with amazing friends.


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