Wow…That’s Some Good Gloss

23 Jul


I heard the CRAZIEST Lace Cosmetics story this weekend and HAD to share!

I was working in Demure this weekend when a customer came in and noticed that I was the “makeup lady.”  She pulled her Fierce lip gloss out of her purse and told me how much she loved it.  But then…she told me the story of when she bought it.

She had come into Demure and my freelance artist, Melissa, had helped her try on different colors until she found the one she loved.  After making her purchase, the customer and her boyfriend left the shopping center to head home.  They were involved in a car accident on I20 and totaled their car (don’t worry, they were okay!).  After having a moment to collect themselves on the side of the road, she realized that she left her brand new lip gloss in the car.

I cannot tell you how hard I was laughing when she told me that she made her boyfriend run out into the highway and search through the wreckage until her gloss was recovered!!!

Tell me that’s not brand loyalty AND a testament to how amazing Lace’s makeup is!

Have a great week!

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