Bridal Makeup Cheat Sheet

20 Oct

One of the grueling tasks when getting married is trying to figure out how to do your makeup.  Should you stay natural?  Should you use a smokey eye?  Should you have a statement lip?  Almost every bride asks herself these questions.  After doing my fare share of wedding makeup, I have come up with my “go to” shades that look amazing on any bride.  If you’re getting married, you may want to look below because I’m about to make your life A LOT easier!

Fair to Medium Complexions:

 With this look, I simply went all over the lid with warm sand which has a glow and will make your eyes pop.  In the crease I put Pewter to give a little bit of depth but not too much color.  On the cheecks, Apricot Mist.  A great color to give you that perfect “Blushing Bride” look.  Lastly, on the lips you have Rich Mauve lipstick and Berry Red lip liner.  This is the perfect amount of color.  If you go lighter than this shade, your lips will not show up in photographs.

Medium to Dark Complexions:

I love doing darker complexions because you can give a slightly sultry look without over doing it.  This is a really fun look for darker tones.  On the lid, i colored the lash line in with a heavy black line (Black Magic Eye Liner) which went a quarter of the way up the lid and then smudged it until it was evenly distributed and a medium grey color.  I then pressed Truffle Eye Shadow (a darker shimmery chocolate brown) on top of the smudged liner.  Right above these colors in the crease, I buffed out any harsh lines with Goddess Shadow (shimmery Gold).  Goddess is also a fabulous color to brighten darker skin tones (LOVE it).  Bump lashes with Black Mascara and fill in the lip with Chocolate Mousse lipstick and Chestnut lip liner.

These looks are very simple to achieve and look fab on any bride!


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