September Is Hot Hot Hot!

25 Aug

With Fall around the corner, new styles and trends are popping up every time you turn your head.  For those fashionistas out there, you know about Vogue’s September Issue.  For all of you who do not know about it, let me fill you in.  The September issue of Vogue is the most important issue of the year.  It is the fashion bible that catalogs all of the upcoming styles, looks, makeup, designers and trends for fall and the upcoming year. *I also recommend you watch the “September Issue” documentary*  When I opened my mailbox and saw that giant magazine wedged in there, I realized the seasons are about to change….and so will my wardrobe.

Here are a few of the trends that you will be seeing everywhere.

Drew Barrymore
Vogue Magazine September 2011
Wearing Donna Karen New York

This is a perfect example of what is trending right now.

  • Mixed Textures
  • Less eye liner-More mascara
  • Deep crimson lip
  • Furs
  • Taupe/Neutrals with a signature pop of color (Drew’s lips and hair)

Karen Elson
Vogue Magazine September 2011
Wearing Nine West

Fall Winter 2011
  • Mixed patterns
  • Statement Lip
  • Again, Signature pop of color

Gucci shows how to properly mix jewel toned complimentary colors.  The colors do not have to be  jewel toned but it sure does add that little extra pizazz!

Mixing bold complimentary colors is the latest hot fashion statement.  Get adventurous and start the mix and match!


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